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Friday, October 2, 2015

Teachers feeling unappreciated

A few teachers shared with me that they felt unappreciated by students/parents after having produced good results. I hear their grumbles; I try to give advice; but all they want, it seems, is for me to just hear their stories.

What I wish to tell them (and all teachers who care to listen) is that you do not have to feel this way. Life is short. You cannot please every parent/student. (You also cannot please everyone when it comes to performing) We become teachers to inspire, to share and to be role models for students of all ages. Being appreciated should not be in our vocabulary. We must do our job well, and in order to do it well, we must not let a few unappreciative students spoil our mood and our inspiration to teach.

I have always held the principle that you do things without expecting anything in return. Do it to the best of your ability and feel proud that you have accomplished your goals.


When you find that you have negative thoughts, why don’t you think of all the teachers’day cards/gifts you received? Of all the students who said thanks to you? Of the Christmas presents you received? And of all the students’ achievements in the course of your career?

You don’t need to have appreciative students. You just need to appreciate yourself more.



This is a gift from a 9 year old boy, who used his own pocket money to buy it for me, for helping him do well in his exam. (In all honesty, I merely played a small part. Due credit to his own hard work and to his teacher)

Yes, it is indeed a great feeling to be appreciated. But the greatest reward is in the results. I am not talking about the results of the exams, but the changes you see in the students’ attitude, the students’ playing and the students’ maturity.


So please, being appreciated is so overrated!

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